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Look for me at Nutter Farm, 180 Ipswich Road, Topsfield. My familiar sandwich board will be out at the entrance.

HOURS: 10-3 Fridays and Saturdays through July 27th with a few days TBA in September. The gate to the property opens at 9:45 on days I'm open.

More info: see Nursery Info. 

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New for 2024: appointment shopping!

***Appointment link for week of June 24th: click HERE

For a small fee I'm offering 30 min ($25), 60 min ($40) and even 90 min ($50) time slots where you get ALL TO YOURSELF: my plants, my advice and even a rough garden design. This is very informal, I won't have time to do anything fancy with software, but can draw on a photo printout and help you plan and shop.  Half hour Sign Up Genius slots (grab 2 if you want an hour) with be posted with a link above 9 PM Sunday evenings. Time slots will vary week to week and I will try to have one evening slot. 


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Payments accepted: cash, checks, Venmo and credit cards 

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"It's crazy how little people know about the importance of native plants, I've been on a personal marketing campaign to get people away from grass lawns and <big box store> plants.  But people don't know where else to go.  You are such an important resource for the community."   -Anna P., Beverly MA


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Learn how to do your own Neighborhood Milkweed Project, find and raise your own monarch caterpillars, and explore a monarch garden plant list. For details visit the Monarch Gardener's Blog. 

"Sustaining a species, one yard at a time."

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