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Learn how to do your own Neighborhood Milkweed Project, find and raise your own monarch caterpillars, and explore a monarch garden plant list. For details visit the Monarch Gardener's Blog. 

"Sustaining a species, one yard at a time."

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After 10 years of being a bit nomadic I have found a site where I can grow and sell my plants, and have an adorable little native nursery stand too.

Opening Day is tentatively May 10th at Nutter Farm, Topsfield MA. More details to come!

My 'shop' page for seed balls and other products is open 24/7 via my online order form.

Payments accepted: cash, checks, Venmo and credit cards 

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"It's crazy how little people know about the importance of native plants, I've been on a personal marketing campaign to get people away from grass lawns and <big box store> plants.  But people don't know where else to go.  You are such an important resource for the community."   -Anna P., Beverly MA